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UCLA is a major research institution with over 4,000 permanent faculty and over 8,000 adjunct faculty. These faculty members are an important resource for students interested in scientific or technological research. If you are interested in pursuing research at UCLA, there are several tools available to help you identify a lab that matches your interests.

For the Molecular, Cellular, and Integrative Life Sciences, Graduate Programs in Bioscience is an online, searchable database.

You can also browse the departments and programs at UCLA.

You may also be interested in working with a professor who is familiar with CSST. Search the list of CSST professors and their departments.

If you are admitted to the Summer Program, you will receive additional instructions on how to identify a UCLA faculty mentor that interests you. Please note that CSST coordinates the mentor matching process and you should not contact faculty directly until CSST instructs you to do so.


We welcome UCLA faculty interested in hosting CSST summer students, for further information contact us at